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and begin your journey to wellness, resilience, and vibrant health. Sara is a Registered Nurse, Nutritional Counselor, GAPS Practitioner and Emotional Empowerment Coach

Sara pursued a career in cardiac nursing as she has always enjoyed helping other people feel better. Her nursing career included bedside care, Rehab, Operating Room and Open Heart to the Cardiac Cath Lab and finally in education (Cardiac Cath Lab, IR and Cardiovascular Services). Sara’s always had a passion for health and nutrition. She struggled most of her life with GI, hormonal, general immune, acne, sinus issues and allergies to name a few. She tried everything from over-the-counter products to self-help books to traditional medicine. In 2005 (10 medications and four doctors later) when her health further spiraled out of control, she decided to seek alternative ways to regain her health. Through this process, she found out that she had Hashimoto’s, Epstein Barr and Lyme’s Disease. It has been through diet modification and nutritional therapy (supplements) that she was able to regain her health. She has learned over the years that with real whole food, the right whole food supplements, and a healthy mind and spirit, that she can improve and maintain her health. It’s what she now shares with her clients.

“The Autoimmune Solution: Prevent and Reverse the Full Spectrum
of Inflammatory Symptoms and Disease” a book by Dr. Amy Myers in 2015.

Because conventional medicine is a one size fits all model. My belief is that health shouldn’t be viewed as a cookie-cutter solution; it’s more complex than that. Functional medicine is personalized medicine. I understand that no two people are alike. Each of us is unique in our genetic makeup and physiology. What ultimately causes illness in one person is not the same for another, and treatment for each will therefore, be different. I know this from personal experience.

“Grain Brain” a book by Neurologist Dr. Perlmutter in 2013.

Grain Brain takes a look at the impact carbohydrates have on the structure and development of your brain, arriving at the conclusion that a diet high in fat, low in carbs and especially sugar, combined with fasting, lots of activity and more sleep could provide you with a much higher quality of life.

“Wheat Belly” a book by Cardiologist Dr. William Davis 2011.

“The food you eat is making you sick and the agencies that are providing you with guidelines on what to eat are giving dangerous advice with devastating health consequences. You can change that today.”

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