Grappling with the effects of an auto-immune disorder?
Battling GERD, high cholesterol, or weight gain?
Desiring improvement in your sexual health?
Fighting a losing battle with chronic fatigue?

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Hoping for a happy, healthy pregnancy?
Struggling with postpartum complications?
Frustrated with infertility?
Exhausted from parenting?
Concerned about your child’s health?

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We can help.

Hello! We’re Sara and Jamie, registered nurses, nutritional counselors, GAPS practitioner and emotional empowerment advocates.

At Nourishing Wellness, we can help you evaluate your unique nutritional needs, your specific concerns, your current health and fitness situation, and your personal goals to help you develop a plan that finally takes you out of your struggle and into wellness.

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How we do it:

We empower you to transform your life by nourishing your body with the specific nutrients, care, and kindness it needs to thrive.

Steps we take

We begin by listening.

We look at all aspects of your health including environmental, lifestyle, emotional, and spiritual elements that may be hindering your health.

We analyze your personal nutritional needs and provide you with results based on utilization of the latest techniques and technology.

Together, we develop a personalized adaptive plan utilizing our Knowledge–Empower–Transform approach, which is tailored specifically to your goals and we will help you create strategies to implement it in your life.

You will learn:

  • How the grain-heavy, low-fat, Standard American Diet (SAD) plays a role in how you feel, heal, and find optimal health.
  • How macronutrients; carbs, fats and proteins, impact you reaching your goals.
  • Whether the nutritional value of the foods that you consume is helping or hurting you.
  • How to enhance your diet with properly raised meats, quality fats, and organic, nutrient-dense vegetables.
  • Why targeted supplements are the best way to support your personal health needs.
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“Through this process, I have really learned how different foods make me feel. I even witnessed how my health and wellness suffered when I went off course. I am thankful for the accountability and grace given by Jamie to encourage me on my journey towards vibrant health.”

Leigh Ann Kanter

“I feel amazing! I have more energy and am sleeping through the night for the first time in years. I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight and the best part is that it has been easy to make sustainable changes!”

Ric Schultz

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