The “balanced blonde” stronger on following her passion and “wealth”

I am 27 years old (as I didn’t know if I was 26 or 27 years old, I can hear my coach Michelle laughing as she said “us spiritual people don’t know how old we are, we don’t believe in getting old based off of age”) anyways, I want to share with you my story about me and where I once was and where it has lead me on this amazing, roller coaster journey that I thought I would never tell anyone as I was too scared, afraid, or heck even fear of being judged. But in the end, I hope to inspire and help others because feeling good feels fricken amazing!

Throughout high school, I was a normal high school kid. Played sports, had friends, but had a hard time concentrating in school. I even would break out in cold sores from what the doctor thought was stress and had to be put on Valtrex for my horrible outbreaks. Not only was it ugly and embarrassing but I didn’t understand why I got them. I didn’t think I was that stressed. After high school, my cold sores continued and I began to then get GI issues. I would throw up if I ate the “wrong food” which I never knew what would trigger it. I would have a few episodes each month of horrible pain in my stomach that radiated between my shoulder blades as well as my entire abdomen. I would even feel like I was 9 months pregnant, even though I wasn’t.  My periods were normal, I had cramps and was very moody. I had to have my greasy burger or chocolate fix, but that’s what we all go through, right? I thought this was all normal till it went on too long. I wasn’t even the legal drinking age yet and I was having all these issues…was this really “normal” and “ok.”  Is this what are bodies were made for and made to go through this?

Of course knowing what I know now, it’s not normal but neither is the way traditional medicine handled this. It wasn’t till I did a series of trial and error to not only find out what doesn’t work but most importantly what does work. Throughout the next couple of weeks, I will lead you through my personal journey. I hope to inspire as well as educate others with what I have learned personally. I invite you to pass this on to others you know that may be experiencing similar things I went through or to those and yourself who want and need great health results.


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