Initial Consult

Start with an Inital Consultation

Nutrition Response TestingSM Initial Health Analysis and Consultation                                                      $129.00

A 60 minute initial consult includes the following:

  • Heart Rate Variability Test (HRV) a.k.a. Nerve Express - a brief, non-invasive test looking at the health of the nervous system.
  • Nutrition Response Testing - a full body, non-invasive scan analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of non-optimum health.
  • Report of Findings - a complete report compiling all the information gathered in order to design a specific nutrition plan for you.

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We are authorized health care professionals utilizing Standard Process Whole Food Supplements as well as Premier Research Line, Systemic Formulas and Green Pastures to name a few.

Nutrition Response Testing

Have a chronic condition?
If you have one or more health conditions that have become chronic, we can help deal with the symptoms and aid your body to healing naturally.
Is it impacting your life?
If you have health problems that impact your relationships, your children, your career or your finances, you need to try Nutrition Response Testing.
Did conventional techniques fail?
If you haven't gotten the results that you hoped for with conventional treatment, or over the counter medicine, we can help.
Do you want to fight effectively?
You know that as time goes by, the condition(s) will continue to get worse unless you do something. We know what to do, and can help you fight back and win your health back.


Nourishing Wellness serves clients based on their unique needs to reach their optimum health of resiliency and vitality. We take clients by the hand to create an experience that alters their relationship with nutrition to look, feel and think better than they ever have. If you continue poor dietary habits, this will perpetuate ill health and inhibit your body's natural way of healing itself. As you feel better and your health improves, you will likely find yourself wanting to maintain a well-balanced and healthy diet as a normal routine. This is where Nourishing Wellness practitioners walk-the-talk as they have and continue to do so with their own health and the health and wellness of their clients. We utilize supplements as a supplement to our diet as we work on what we are and are not eating. We spend quality time with our clients as we dial in.

Why You Need Whole Food Supplements