I have been working with Sara for approximately six months and have been amazed at the results.  She is very systematic in learning your eating habits and how they affect your every day life.

She has suggested several things to do to counteract issues that I have had with my body.  She has been correct at least 90% of the time.  One of her suggestions based on testing, was to get more healthy fats into my body.  This has helped stop cravings for junk food, allows me to feel full, which has made me feel soooooo much better!!  Not bad for someone that only knows me by electronically testing my body’s interaction to different compounds and simple questioning.

If you have an ailment or you just want to feel better, I would strongly suggest you contact Sara and her team.


Start those babies on fish oil…And yourself!

I am sure you are wondering, why give babies fish oil as well as who gives their baby fish oil? Well, I do. I, myself, took fish oil throughout my whole pregnancy and prior to as well as currently. I also then started giving it to my son when he was 4-months-old. I started to give it to my son is because cod liver oil helps promote a strong immune system and a robust cognition. Especially with an all-time high, horrible flu season, all the more we should be giving our babies and children fish oil to help their immune system stay protected and healthy. We instead resort to the flu-vaccine or vitamin C or heck, even essential oils to help protect us, but those aren’t going to do the trick or get to the “core” of the immune system. In fact, until the end of the Second World War, cod liver oil served as the number one supplement for everyone! The population was urged to take cod liver oil in order to protect themselves from infectious disease and ensure strong bones and teeth. Cod liver oil is naturally, perfectly designed with the right ratios of Vitamin A and D which is crucial for the immune health. Also, the fatty acids in the oil help these fat-soluble vitamins to be absorbed by the body. Cod liver oil is an insurance policy for children. Start with ¼ to ½ teaspoon at 4 months and then doubling the amount at six to eight months. You must use a clean source of fish oil. Many brands are highly processed and often use synthetic vitamins. Also, the source of fish is important as it can contain high amount of mercury and other toxins. Here at Nourishing Wellness we carry a variety of clean sourced fish oils that you and your family can enjoy!

Easy, Healthy Snack Idea….that includes….BEETS!


12 Beets (Red, Golden or Mixed)

1/2 Cup Coconut Oil or Duck Fat

2 Teaspoons of Sea Salt


  1. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F and line several baking sheets with parchment paper.  Scrub the beets well with a veggie brush and cut off the tops.
  2. Use a mandolin slicer to slice the beets paper thin (1/16″).  When the beet slices are this thin, there is no need to peel them first.  Hold the root end while dragging the beets across the mandolin and watch your fingertips closely.
  3. Place the beet slices in a large bowl and pour the oil and the salt over the top and toss well.  Let the beets sit in the oil and salt until they release their natural juices, about 15-20 minutes.  This is what allows them to retain a better shape and color.
  4. Toss the beets again, then drain off the liquid.  Lay the slices out in a single layer on the prepared baking sheets.  Bake for 45-60 minutes until crisp, but not brown.  Test after 45 minutes and only bake longer if necessary.  Remove the beet chips from the oven and cool completely before storing in an airtight container.

Recovering from the “Ick”

Well, if you haven’t gotten sick already; good for you, keep doing what you are doing!  Pulling myself through the “ick” and getting to the other side of wellness took a lot of great things; things I should be doing for myself more often.  Epsom salt baths and foot baths, yup we sometimes need to be reminded of the benefits.  My near-infrared sauna from Sauna Comfort to basically “bake” it out of my body.  My chiropractor, Dr. English from Back To Health,  I can’t say enough for normal adjustments, but definitely when my body is off; the benefits were amazing!  And I am new to this or should say doing this; I did hear about this place in the past, “The Salt Room”.  Wow!  A great place for respiratory, allergies, skin, joints, you name it.  That also played a huge part in my recovery.  And last, but not least, a lymph massage by Chandra Houser at Natural Escape got things moving!  I should say all of this and of course being connected to resting, a little yoga with Lindsey Holmes at Santosha or Bodyflow at Golds, and reading “Braving the Wilderness” by Brene Brown and eating more like a nutritionist :).  I have to say one of many favorite nuggets of wisdom that Brene Brown mentioned that I so related to in not only getting the “ick” but recovering from it as well; “choosing what’s right over what’s fun, fast and easy”….hmmm….I think we can all relate to that beautiful nugget in many, many ways!

Hindsight is 20/20

Well, as they say….”hindsight is 20/20″!  Looking back over the last several weeks, I know I wasn’t listening to the signs and symptoms that I, yes I, the nutritionist, the healthy one, the one who never gets sick; but did anyway!  I was angry with myself!!!  Yes, I know we can’t (not even me) prevent from getting sick, but I had the signs; whistles were blowing, horns were going off and I disregarded them.  So moving on, what I have learned once again; that we have so much power and control in trying to prevent the actual onset of the flu or cold.  We have viruses and so many bugs and critters around us all the time, whether our body is going to be the perfect candidate or not for them to take residence in our body, can be totally up to us most of the time.  How?   Viruses, bugs and critters want to live in bodies that are going to support their living, so they want an unhealthy body, right?  So back to me and my perfect setup for that.  I traveled just before the holidays.  I know, what is wrong with traveling and vacation?  It is a stressor, it just is.  From the plane which is basically a “petri dish”, to not sleeping in my bed, to eating not my usual, activities more than the usual….you add a great potential for the odds of getting sick when it is all over.  The holidays added on to that.  We all know the stress of the holidays….food not the usual and/or in abundance, not just once or twice, adding in alcohol, not just once or twice,  family; we love ’em, but we know what sometimes goes on can be stressful and then just hearing that people everywhere are starting to get sick and I was like, here it comes and it did.  But the kicker,  it came and was on it’s way out and then….came back with a vengeance!  Well, I deserved it!  I continued to not listen to what was going on with my body and thought like I was superwoman or something!  I really didn’t think I was superwoman, but you would think I was when I continued on with my shenanigans!  I went skiing which was great, but in Wisconsin, we all know what the weather is like here and I got cold, deep cold, like chilled to my bones.  Not to mention that I was overtired from being out the night before and not necessarily eating or drinking like a nutritionist!  It doesn’t end there….I was in downtown Milwaukee for a Bucks game and had to walk; in the cold, again, to the game, but first, a stop for a quick bite of bad food (again) and that is when I believe I had finally opened the door to my body for whatever wanted to invade it as I put the sign “Open for the Flu” all over it, over and over again!!  I haven’t been that sick for a very long time and I had a very long self-talk with myself as to making myself more important than how I was and ways that I could have toned down the bad choices.  I don’t live in a “bubble” nor do I expect anyone else to.  I know we all can see in hindsight that we all can make some better choices for our bodies and our health.  Maybe it is taking just a little bit more care of ourselves especially during the season of “ick”, I know I will!   Let’s be proactive which is beneficial for not only ourselves, but everyone around us!


Sara Mehring and Nourishing Wellness have been a part of my health care for a good portion of a year now.  My name is Dan and I am a 55-year-old moderately active male.  My journey began well before coming to Nourishing Wellness because I had a high cholesterol number and I didn’t care to be on medication.  I tried on my own to eat properly and increase my exercise regimen.  This was beneficial but it didn’t improve my cholesterol numbers.  With nothing else to try, especially on my own, I turned to Sara at Nourishing Wellness.

Sara is very good at her job!  You can see this in the level of patience and care she provides; always encouraging and willing to help in any way she can.  Her naturopathic approach to a wide variety of medical issues is amazing to me.

Since I started, I have learned a ton about proper nutrition, how the body processes the food we eat and how to make better choices!  In my whole journey, I’ve lost 22 lbs., am eating better now and my body is getting only natural supplements.  I feel much better, and I have much more energy.

To sum up my past year’s journey, I will say that going to Nourishing Wellness has been only a positive experience.  Sara is always exploring new technology and methods to serve her clientele.  You can see in her care that she is excited to help solve the concerns of her clients.  If you choose to seek alternative solutions to your troubling health issue, I can overwhelmingly refer you to Nourishing Wellness for peace of mind.

Dan P.