“BOUGHT” film….wow!!

The BOUGHT film is now LIVE for free viewing! – (*The entire film)


You can access your free viewing anytime, before March 6th, 2015 — (at which time, it will be taken down.)

Enjoy the film, and please GET THE WORD OUT and share it with everyone you’d like to!

~ Jeff Hays Films | BOUGHT Documentary Crew
“…Movies that make movements”

Did you know: Wall Street has literally “BOUGHT” your and your family’s health?

The food, vaccine, drug, insurance and health industry are a multi-BILLION dollar enterprise… focused more on profits than human lives. The BOUGHT documentary takes viewers deep “inside the guts” of this despicable conspiracy…

Featuring exclusive interviews with the world’s most acclaimed experts in research, medicine, holistic care and natural health… Bought exposes the hidden (and deadly) story behind it all.


— “Thought provoking. Whichever side of these issues you’re on…”

— “A Conspiracy so gruesome, It’d Make HITLER Blush…”

— “Your health is now brought to you by Wall Street.
If you thought they hurt us with the banks, wait till you
see what they’re are doing to our health care…”


— “Every mother and father should watch and share for the well-being and safety of our children…”

— “Bought does a fantastic job of raising vital questions about our food,
our health and the too big role big business has in our government…”

— “I wished I would have seen this movie before I had my children almost 25 years ago…”

— “The corruption of our system is devastating to observe, this movie makes you want to stand up and join a revolution! “

Food Log for 2/09-2/15

Well, here I go with my food log.  I’m not perfect as I struggle with the same things that everyone else does.  I do intermittent fasting, so I only have a big (16oz) green tea for breakfast every day.   I also have raw sauerkraut with dinner every night that is not included in my journals.  I make my own kombucha.


Paleo Toast with raw butter and sunflower butter, some brazil nuts, raw homemade kombucha, then for dinner I had ham and spinach seared with raw butter, macadamia nuts


2 liverwurst patties, celery with sunflower butter, brazil nuts, raw kombucha, dinner, homemade beef bone broth with buffalo stew meat


Chicken from roasted whole and celery with sunflower butter, brazil and macadamia nuts, raw kombucha, dinner, ham and steamed green beans with raw butter


2 patties of braunschweiger seared in raw butter, celery with sunflower butter, brazil nuts raw kombucha, and dinner, homemade chicken bone broth with pieces of chicken and raw butter, macadamia nuts


3 roast beef slices, celery with sunflower butter, brazil nuts, raw kombucha, and dinner, breaded catfish, coleslaw, cider/raspberry beer in ice, avocado potatoe chips, vodka on rocks with water and lemon


2 Liverwurst patties, celery with sunflower butter, brazil and macadamia nuts, raw kombucha, dinner, garlic raw butter shrimp, steamed cauliflower with raw butter


2 eggs in bacon fat with 2 pieces of nitrate-free bacon, brazil nuts, raw kombucha, and for dinner, chicken bone broth with butter, celery with sunflower butter and macadamia nuts.

My “Practical Paleo” Review

Practical Paleo My weekend read…I enjoyed it very much as it was very thorough with not only the basics behind eating Paleo but the wonderful benefits to your health.  Topics such as digestion, leaky gut, inflammation, to…..your poop! Great guides to begin to modify your diet specific to your health issues.  My new recipe “Chicken Liver Pate”….I’ll keep you posted.


Along with great whole food, the right whole food supplements, exercise, I also believe the mind and spirit is another area of attention for great “wellth”. I was encouraged recently to start a meditation practice.  I have always had it on my to-do list, but this time, the encouragement really inspired me to start. Day #2 of meditation and I ironically received this in my email from “Peaceful Daily”  (Feb. 13th post) in regards to meditation that I thought I would share.


Hello world!

Blog post #1…..A new first for me!!  I want to blog so that I can share the information that I run into from websites, books that I’ve read, school, training, colleagues, questions from clients, etc.  I also will be posting my diet logs so that you can see I’m not perfect by any means.  If at any time, anyone has a question or comment, please let me know.  So, thank you for joining me and I look forward to what lies ahead!!