About Sara

Sara pursued a career in nursing as she has always enjoyed helping other people feeling better.  She especially had an interest in general nutrition as she tried to maintain her own health and the health and wellness of her family.  Sara had struggled for many years with many health issues such as stomach, hormonal, acne and allergies with anything and everything; from over-the-counter products to medications, self-help books and many doctors. In 2005, when her health further spiraled out of control, she decided to seek alternative ways to regain her health. It was through diet modification and nutritional therapy via Nutrition Response Testing℠ that helped her regain her health. She has been hooked ever since. She learned over the years and came to believe that with real whole food, the right whole food supplements along with a healthy mind and spirit that she could maintain her “wellth”. She is forever grateful when in 2014 an opportunity presented itself to move in the direction of her passion. She is excited to share and to help as many people as possible with their own “wellth” through the same process that worked for her. Besides following her passion for good, real food and nutrition, she loves to read about it, continue studying it and definitely enjoys eating it. She loves music and laughter as well as going for a walk, hiking, yoga, biking, bodyflow, pump, spin, kayak, snowshoe, and a rare skiing trip is always awesome; but mainly being outside as much as possible, especially with her pooch “Daisy” and/or family and friends.

Education: Memberships:
•Associate Degree in Nursing (1996) •Weston A. Price-Local Chapter
•Certificate in Nutritional Counseling (2014) •Price-Pottinger Nutrition Foundation
•Nutrition Response Testing℠ – Professional Level (2015)
•Emotional Empowerment FEEL Process, Coaching certification (2017)


About Jamie

Jamie is not a scientist nor a Doctor, but she is an athlete, a coach, and a practitioner on a lifelong quest for exceptional health, happiness, and peak performance.  Jamie has always been known as a "health freak" to others.  Although young, she was always conscious of her body and what she ate as well as always pursuing to be very athletic.  But when she experienced some personal health issues at the age of 19, she was driven to learn more and become healthier.  After being an Emergency Room Registered Nurse, she felt she wasn't helping people as she had hoped.  In fact, she has seen how today's society has become so unhealthy and lost with their own bodies.  With her experience and what she has learned for her own health, she is eager to share with others.  She truly has a passion for health and good, whole foods that can heal and nurture the body.  With per passion and knowledge, Jamie hopes to help as many people as possible to live a healthy and happy life through a well-functioning body. Jamie believes the medical world has its purpose but believes we have so many alternative resources to use to heal the body before jumping into those medical resources. Jamie has run a handful of both full and half marathons and has gained a lot of great knowledge to offer to others for fueling their bodies properly as well as changing their thinking on workouts.  Jamie enjoys being active and enjoys the outdoors with her husband while hiking, biking, running, golfing, playing tennis, or even just going for a peaceful walk and doing yoga.  Jamie also enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends.


•Associates Degree in Nursing (2012)

•Certificate in Nutritional Counseling (2015)

•Nutrition Response Testing - Professional Level (2015)